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Cardiovascular & Health Fitness Related Training


Cardiovascular fitness is sometimes a bit of a forgotten discipline within an ever increasing world of strength and conditioning. That said the old-school style of simply jogging yourself into a catabolic state doesn’t particularly have many merits these days either. Our trainers use the science behind cardiovascular training and apply its relevance to your set goals. Set heart rates zones during exercise or variable heart rate intervals are the focus of most cardiovascular sessions. Others will be very sport or task specific. Careful control and monitoring of these sessions allows for physical development in these disciplines and also allows for us to see whether an athlete is performing the correct exercise for their current physical condition.


Modern day health problems can be attributed to a number of factors such as overworking, under-sleeping, worrying about financial situations, eating toxic foods, foods that cause inflammation and digestive problems, over-eating, under-eating, moving incorrectly, not moving enough and the list goes on. The skills that our trainers possess allow us to identify factors that can negatively affect your health and find a manageable solution that fits within your day to day routine. Believing in changing for the better will have a hugely positive effect on your life.

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