Compex Recovery Therapy | Elevate Performance Academy
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Compex Recovery Therapy

Today, the benefits of muscle stimulation are clinically proven and are now recognised by both physiotherapists and doctors working in the field of pain relief and rehabilitation across the world. Muscle stimulation is also used by athletes to enhance performance and expedite recovery. At Elevate we incorporate this technology into our programmes for both purposes.

Muscle stimulation is an artificial method of activating a muscle. It mimics the impulses sent from the brain and the muscle reacts accordingly. Our trained team can manipulate the frequency of the impulses to provide these benefits:

  • Pain control
  • Enhanced muscle recruitment and control of joint stability
  • Reduced haematoma (bruising) and fluid (swelling)
  • Increased muscle volume and strength
  • Wound healing
  • CV health, including raising VO2 max and delta efficiency

You can now rent your own Compex Muscle Stimulation unit, allowing you to continue with your rehabilitation and fitness goals while away from Elevate.

Key Point

Use of this technology is included in both the Signature Personal Training and Senior Citizen Personal Training programmes at no extra cost.

This technology will also be utilised in your Physio Express appointments for emergency pain management and relief.