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Latest Update – Tuesday 16th June 2020.

We are extremely grateful to all our returning clients and patients and would like to thank you all for playing a huge part in the very successful re-opening of The Elevate Institute of Fitness & Rehab.

We are consistently delivering on all requirements set by The States of Jersey safe exit strategy and have successfully integrated 100% of all risk assessments required by our Industry related best practice frameworks.

Elevate Group Personal Training Studio RE-OPENS on Saturday 20th June 2020

Following the successful re-launch of our Personal Training Academy and Physiotherapy Clinic we are now ready to welcome back all of our new and existing group personal training members to our new formatted class programme.
We will be operating a reduced timetable to begin with so we can ensure we provide a seem less and safe experience.


– Each class will be restricted to 5 per class and we will be managing this via our online booking management system.
– All class bookings are done via your own remote access booking system, that you can schedule and pay for classes at the touch of a button
– Our exclusive GRID formatted studio has designated floor markings that delivers you, your own 3m x 3m private working area.
– You will be allocated your own personal fitness equipment to use within your class, YES, thats right, NO SHARING!

Never had the Elevate Experience?
Well this is the time to do so in our very own RED Room.
Go on be NAUGHTY!


We are reducing our class numbers to allow for a more awesome coaching experience and freezing our price points so you can experience the Elevate approach for as little as £8 per class.
Thats Group Personal Training for just £8 per class…..WOW………


Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 12:30-13:00
We will offer our PT Bootcamp – Calisthenic classes

– Our PT Bootcamp Calisthenic classes delivers exercises that don’t rely on anything but a person’s own body weight.
– These exercises are performed with differing levels of intensity and rhythm and staged within our very own RED room.
– These classes are a great way to gain or regain your fitness, whatever your current level….

Tuesday and Thursday @ 12:30-13:00
We will offer our PT Bootcamp – Strength Camp Class

– Our PT Bootcamp Strength classes will incorporate a classic mix of traditional strength training drills to gain that ultimate fat burn.
– Expect, Dumbbells, barbells, Kettlebells, vertiballs, GRIPR, & core bag workouts all with a naughty twist as you would expect within our RED room.
– These classes are designed for all levels and a great cost effective Personal Training option.

Please checkout the relaunch Information of our group personal training programme on our social media platforms from Wednesday 17th June.

Current Members: All credits have been extended and are live on your accounts ready to use!

New Members: Why not try our class programme and purchase your class passes as PAYG or blocks of 5, 10 or 20

REGISTER NOW: To register and set up your account just click the REGISTER NOW button at the top right hand corner of any page on our website.

Additional detail on Elevate Limited Operational Framework

Our operational framework has been developed following the advice and guidance of Public Health England, IPC, Government of Jersey, UK Active, Europe Active and Ireland Active and has proved highly successful in operation.

This framework have been compiled in full partnership with major UK fitness and leisure operators and has been reviewed and approved by the leading medical experts that have been informed by best practice for said frameworks. This framework will be available on request by emailing and will be placed upon this website in due course.

While some people may be (understandably) nervous, we will be taking every step to ensure our clients and patients can attend our facility with ultimate confidence. Safety is our first priority, and we are proud that our infrastructures in place will provide a safe, enjoyable and virus free experience at the Institute. We request a shared responsibility within the Elevate community, one which, all that attends our facility are supportive of our procedures and protocols, allowing us the opportunity to operate with excellence on every occasion.

We are not your normal training facility!

We are not your normal gym, physiotherapy clinic or group training studio. We are a professionally accredited Institute of Fitness and Rehab.

As a private and dedicated institute we are fortunate enough to manage and be able to monitor all who visit Elevate. Our booking management systems will allow us to manage occupancy, capacity and more importantly, the health of all that attend.

All clients, members and patients are private pre arranged appointments. This allows our world-class coaching and medical teams to assess all attendees on every visit. This is something generic health clubs are unfortunately struggling to do.

Contact Points

New Members
We are delighted to be opening our Personal Training Academy, Physiotherapy Clinic and small group training services up to new members and patients with immediate effect;

Personal Training Academy
Opening: Friday 12th June

Physiotherapy Clinic
Opening: Monday 15th June

Bespoke Group Training Studio
Opening: Friday 19th June

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Yours in Health

Mark Stewart and the Elevate Team