Evidence Based Technology | Elevate Performance Academy
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Evidence Based Technology

Whatever your reason for visiting The Elevate Institute of Fitness & Rehab, you can be confident that we have the skillset and state-of-the-art technology to enhance performance where conventional training methods falls short. Our new standard of care will ensure your movement improves, thus decrease your future risk for injury, with innovative strength training technology. We focus on providing bespoke performance strategies, based on your objectives and the demands of your sport, lifestyle and preventing injury.

We endeavour to create improved functional movement patterns to support the physical demands life places upon us, allowing for more effective and efficient progress.

We bridge the gap between reactive and proactive performance strategies and to ensure achievement of your objectives and goals we focus on a holistic approach to your training.

The revolutionary technology and methods that Elevate utilises are only currently available within elite professional environments and within the world’s advanced private centres of excellence. Elevate has exclusive rights to several world-leading analysis and functional fitness and performance technologies. Our methodology aligns these advancements, to provide the same service level to Channel Islands amateur athletes and the wider Channel Islands communities as that offered to the world’s best professional athletes and celebrities. This instils confidence that your dreams, goals and objectives are just around the corner.