GRID Group Training Studio | Elevate Performance Academy
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What’s on offer

GT Grit – 30m

The ultimate boxing conditioning class. Includes pad work, bag work, all within a PHA circuit format. Get your fight on!

GT Box – 45m

The ultimate boxing conditioning class. Includes pad work, bag work, all within a PHA circuit format. Get your fight on!

GT Pump – 35m & 45m

Body pump redefined. The Ultimate barbell class. Ideal for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit – FAST! High repetition, total body workouts that really do supply the pump!

GT Signature – 30m

Our lunchtime specials that give you exactly what you expect from a high Intensity training class. Each day focuses on a different part of your body to help you maximize your weeks training.


Fun, exhilarating, action packed Latin dance inspired workout.

Strong by Zumba

A high intensity interval training class. A total body workout that will strengthen, tone & condition your body, while mastering rhythm you thought you never had!

Classes operated by Zumba Jersey

GT Bootcamp – 30m

The ultimate mix of calisthenics, body weight drills & strength training all in bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity. Our Bootcamp classes are split into 4 specific class formats.


High intensity cardio drills in bursts of short sharp intervals. Expect to use assault bikes, spin bikes, ski ergs, jumps, skips whilst having lots of fun!


A classic mix of calisthenics, with traditional strength training drills to gain that ultimate fat burn. Expect to use kettlebells, vertiballs, GRIPR, & core bags


Put your foot to metal and expect maximum output. A HIIT PHA circuit that will challenge you to the max. Expect short sharp body weight and strength training drills that will help you develop your own super powers!


Our Saturday class concentrates on one of the most vital muscle groups in the body – your BUM! Expect to scream with delight whilst your rear end burns into shape!

The Grid
Group Training Studios

Price Promotion



▸ Monthly Unlimited

6 months – Contract

£79.00 per month …… (*ONLY £3.95 per class)

▸ Kickstarter Unlimited

3 months – Block Payment – NO Contract

£297.00 per month …… (*ONLY £4.95 per class)

▸ Lunch Crunch

5 Classes, Block Payment – Lunchtime Only

£25.00 per month …… (*ONLY £5 per class)

▸ Evening Power Yoga

1 Month, Block Payment – Private Course


 *Based on attending 5 classes per week.

Keep it Casual

PAYG Packages

▸ Class Credits

Drop in ———- £15.00

5 Classes ——- (£10.00 per class) £50.00

10 Classes —— (£8.00 per class) £80.00

20 Classes —— (£6.00 per class) £120.00

▸ New Member Offer

2-4-1 (One time purchase)

2 Classes ———- £15.00

What’s Next?

These classes are an addiction waiting to happen!
Based at The Church, 6 Seaton Place. Location is no longer an excuse!