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Welcome to THE GRID

This isn’t a fitness trend. It’s a results driven workout, that makes anything possible!  This is the room where everything becomes possible. Where you push through the “I can’t’s” and “If Only’s.”  Where you train faster, harder and smarter. The result: the best version of yourself.

The Facts

Grid formation Intervals and periodised strength training combinations that are proven to lean, tone and transform your body shape.  The Grid is the ultimate calorie burner high-intensity work out. These class will change your body shape by toning muscle, maximising fat loss, and increasing your metabolism, so you actually burn calories even after class is over.  Our coaches will push you to do what you didn’t even know you were capable of doing. The music, the signature lighting concept, the energy in the room… It’s that Elevate magic (and about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on).

The Science

We combine weight training with cardio and alternate bursts of intense anaerobic exercise with recovery periods to keep the heart-rate elevated throughout the workout. You’ll burn more calories and increase your lean body mass, which in turn will raise your resting metabolic rate by up to 15 percent.

With a maximum of 20 people in each class. Grid formations are made up of four dedicated zones, incorporating Strength, Speed, Power and Intensive cardio.

Expect to use a vast array of tools, from Verti-balls, GRIPR, Dumbells, Kettlebells, Plyo boxes, Assault bikes, Ski ergs and Punch bags and pad work to name a few.

The Magic

Each class is different and you will never have the same routine — and never get bored. The Grid combines a perfect blend of Strength, Conditioning and Cardio fitness.

The Grid is more than a studio of equipment. It’s a magical combination of Instructor, lighting, music and people in the room.

The interval training lighting concept stimulates neurons in your brain and endorphins in your body. Killer music pushes you to work harder than you ever thought possible. The signature studios enable you to lose yourself in the primal rush of the work out. Stress falls away, and the room becomes an ecosystem of collective accomplishment.

Class Choices

Timing is everything

GT Daily Structure


Upper Body

On Mondays, we focus on strengthening all those Upper body muscle groups. Our 30 minute and 45 minute HIIT upper-body workouts are designed to work your back, chest, shoulders, arms and core. Press & pull like never before followed by HIIT cardio combinations that will have you blasting the body fat in no time at all.


Lower Body

Tuesdays are the day you’ll burn the most calories as we attack those bigger muscle groups. Our lower body day contains a mix of exercises aimed at increasing strengthening and toning up them legs. It will reduce fat, while shaping the perfect lower body. Drills of squats, lunges, and plyo jumps, in-between those signature HIIT cardio combinations will have your abs and glutes screaming in joy!


Total Body, Cardio & Core

Our 30-minute and 45-minute total-body workouts will HIIT muscles you never knew existed. Ideal for those striving for the complete workout, dropping body fat and the ultimate physique head to toe. This workout will challenge you on every level – Are you up for it!


Upper Body & Abs Blast

You have had your 48-hour upper body recovery since Monday, its now time to HIIT it again. Lots more variety but the same intensity, however this time we will be incorporating our signature RED ZONE ABS FINISHER!


Lower Body & Abs Blast

Now your Lower body has recovered from Tuesday, we are going to HIIT them legs hard again. Variety is the key to success, and we will be bringing a whole new approach to HIITING those lower body parts. This workout ends with our signature RED ZONE ABS FINISHER to help you set up for the weekend!


Ultimate Total Body

Weekends are reserved for the ULTIMATE 60- minute GRID workout.
It doesn’t get any better than this.
Work Hard and Play hard!

What’s Next?

These studios are an addiction waiting to happen, and the monthly packages are by far the most cost effective and result driven recommendation.

To take advantage of our GRID group classes, simple HIIT the REGISTER NOW button at the top of this page.


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