Innovation and Support | Elevate Performance Academy
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Innovation and Support

Injury Prevention

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to liaise with our very own chartered physiotherapists in our Physiotherapy Clinic next door. Each department within Elevate is headed by industry-leading professionals, providing a seamless transition from rehabilitation to regaining full fitness and function.

Elevate Physiotherapy Clinic offers the most advanced solutions in the field. An industry-leading multidisciplinary team offers a new standard of care, placing Jersey on the map as a leader in the rehabilitation and physiotherapeutic field within Europe.

The 1200 sq. ft. clinic allows for your consultation to happen in a private, comfortable setting not normally associated with cold, clinical diagnostic environments. This luxurious space is designed for restoring function within a contemporary setting that defies expectation.

Success Leaves Clues – Identifying Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutrition is key to delivering results and your Elevate journey includes Jersey’s only clinical Intolerance and Nutritional Deficiencies assessment. Evaluated within laboratory conditions, this assessment is the most extensive protocol in Europe, testing over 700 food, non-food, mineral and vitamin factors. This analysis is key to prescribing a pathway that truly is bespoke.

Our Partners

We are extremely proud to be partners with some of the leading organisations throughout the world. These partners ensure that the Elevate Group will remain at the forefront of the combined performance industries and reflect the very latest technological advancements, scientific research and practical application.

Our affiliations include but are not limited to: