The PT Academy | Elevate Performance Academy
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The PT Academy

What to expect?

Elevate Personal Training Academy offers a luxury, state-of-the-art facility embracing cutting-edge Anti-Gravity Treadmills® and Keiser pneumatic technology, exclusive to Elevate.

Elevate offers a revolutionary personal training solution, of dedicated environment that we call the “playground”. This academy offers a contemporary setting that channels pride, passion and belief.

Elevate has designed and developed a unique four-pillar methodology to optimise health and performance goals, establishing the platform for effective and efficient programming for success.

“Our Performance Academy delivers the perfect environment to regain, restore and heighten your fitness aspirations. My team of performance coaches recognises that everyone is an individual who requires a bespoke one-to-one personal training programme to achieve their goals. Our close working relationship with our physiotherapy and sports therapy teams allows us to screen every client whenever it is deemed necessary, delivering a new standard of care.

We look forward to welcoming you to Elevate Personal Training Academy.”
MArk Stewart, Jersey
Managing Director

Whatever your goal, knowledge or background, everyone is welcome. Whether you are an international athlete or it is your first time in a exercise environment, we provide a facility where you will be mentored by our world-renowned personal trainers, who share their determination, dedication and desire to achieve the ultimate aim: delivering results.

Elevate Personal Training Academy has no membership fees. We are a dedicated, private, results-based Personal Training Academy that you only pay for while you are training with your personal coach. Our holistic strategy and bespoke programming is the reason we guarantee results that are sustainable for the future. All contributing factors are investigated and we take into account current fitness, potential injuries, limitations and nutrition.