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Welcome to RIDE – The Spin Box

Our powerful ride classes are the perfect blend of high intensity cardio, muscle toning strength work and psychological release. Combining speed work with power, you’ll work your entire body – and have fun in the process. Instead of racing or riding to RPMs, we ride in sync with each other and the music, taping into a contagious group energy that pushes us through every challenge to reach our best.

Our inspirational instructors will coach, support, motivate and push you beyond your limits to reach your personal bests. We sweat, reach and recover, together, to the best music out there.

The Facts

Typically, we begin with a warm-up, move on to hills and sprints, refocus with an arm series, chase one final cardio push, and end with a restorative stretch.

Free Cleated Shoes

We use cleated shoes during the class and we provide shoes free of charge! Staying hydrated when you exercise is vital. You can buy bottled water from reception.

Post Ride

We’ve got you covered post class. Our changing facilities have free lockers, and a range of products to get you ready for life again. We have plenty of hairdryers and all of our showers are stocked with exclusive products. Showering after a class has never felt so good!

Class Choices

Timing is everything

What’s Next?

These studios are an addiction waiting to happen, and the monthly packages are by far the most cost effective and result driven recommendation.

To keep up to date with our launch go to elevate.je/subscribe and sign up for our exclusive pre-sale offers and be the first to find out new information as it happens, before it happens!


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