Running Club | Elevate Performance Academy
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Running Club

Omar is our onsite Running Coach who has a wealth of experience working and training alongside elite athletes. He has competed nationally over middle distances in his teens and went on to study a degree in Sports Science. Soon after university, he became a qualified Personal trainer and UKA qualified Running coach. Alongside his studies, he has trained under Great Britain Coaches at the University of St Marys where he developed his skills further both as an athlete and a coach.

Today he still competes at a club level, racing middle- long distance events. Alongside working at MRPT he is also a Nike Run Club Coach. He believes that everyone has an inner athlete waiting to be unlocked! Whether your goal is to become a better runner, burn fat, tone up or strengthen joints and tendons then we will have a session for you. Come and run with us.

Monday Session – 6.00PM

First Steps Into Running

Would you like to learn how to run correctly? Our Expert Running Coach Omar will prepare you both mentally and physically to take on your first miles.

Receive the knowledge, confidence and coaching you need to begin your running journey.

This session is aimed at a beginner-intermediate level.

£10 a session

Thursday Session – 7:30AM

Speed Session

Have you reached a standstill on your runs? Or perhaps you can’t burn that stubborn layer of fat? If you are looking to take your training to an exciting new level then our speed session has been created for you!

Come and train with Omar, our Expert Running Coach and athlete at Elevate Performance Academy. He will have you beating your personal bests in no time.

Learn how to run faster, train like an athlete and unlock your true training potential.

£10 a session