Senior Citizen Personal Training | Elevate Performance Academy
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Senior Citizen Personal Training

Our ‘Give Back’ promise – over-60s receive 50% discount

Elevate’s technology allows our seniors to regain their freedom and train specifically for this purpose. The programme uses the same signature PT protocol, but with a massive 50% discount when you meet the ‘over 60 years young’ criteria.

All our senior programmes specialise in cardiovascular health and increased functionality for life. This focus allows you to restore, regain or reinvent your lifestyle, giving you the freedom to live your life to the max.

Our objective is simple: by consistently moving and training with less or no pain, we prove life really can begin at 60.

Key Points:

  • As signature PT package
  • AlterG Anti-Gravity technology to aid osteoarthritic conditions
  • ‘Over 60 years young’ criteria

Get Started Today…

Prices start from £25 per session.
Email for more information or to book your place.