Corona Virus Prevention Measures | Elevate Physiotherapy, Jersey
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Corona Virus Prevention Measures

We have your back.

Don’t panic, we have your back here at The Elevate Institute.
Our sole priority is the health and wellbeing of our clients, patients and staff.
We’re keeping a very close watch on the latest public health guidelines on the spread of coronavirus and are attending many of the states of jersey management of coronavirus seminars.

While some people may be (understandably) nervous, our health authorities are recommending that people continue normal preventative measures, which include, eating a healthy diet, and exercising regularly.
Unless social distancing measures (such as school closures or restrictions on public gatherings) are implemented, getting a workout at Elevate is a healthy and a safe environment for you.

What can be measured can be managed

As a private and dedicated institute we are fortunate enough to know and be able to monitor all who visit Elevate, as 100% of our clients, members and patients are all private appointments. This allows our world-class coaching and medical teams to assess all our attendees on every visit.

This is something generic health clubs are unfortunately struggling to do. Our normal and regular health and hygiene processes are designed to stop the spread of germs and prevent the transmission of infectious illness.

These processes include thoroughly and regularly disinfecting and cleaning down all club surfaces and equipment. In alignment with the States of Jersey guidelines, we have installed notices throughout Elevate about the importance of hand hygiene and we are ensuring all staff are kept fully up to date on this issue.

Additional measures

In addition to our mobile equipment sanitizers, hand soaps, and dispensers, we are installing 4 new hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility. These have been ordered at the beginning February and we are expecting delivery any day now. Keep an eye open for these new stations.

Please note, logistic companies are under huge delays as most of these supplies originate in China!

Keep Calm – Stay Motivated

Common sense is something we all must take responsibility for and we have included our top 5 measures for all at Elevate;

      1. Regularly washing hands with soap and water (Using hand sanitizer gel if soap and water is unavailable)
      2. Covering your mouth with a tissue or sleeve (not your hand) when you sneeze
      3. Disposing of used tissues
      4. Avoid close contact with people who are unwell
      5. Stay at home if your feeling unwell

Fortunately for us, coronavirus is not transmissible via sweat!

All the above measures are things that most of us do on a daily basis and with that in mind please do not feel scared and anxious about social mixing.

The authorities are consistently informing us that if we stay active and healthy we are all strong enough to beat this latest virus. The lessons that we learnt from back in 2009 with Swine Flu will enable us to keep Jersey and Elevate in peak health!

Staying Fit is Staying Strong!
Yours in Health

Mark Stewart and the Elevate Team

We understand the importance of treating injuries quickly and effectively.