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Elevate Gait Analysis with footscan®

Elevate Gait Analysis with footscan®

  • Foot pain?
  • Achilles pain?
  • Shin pain?
  • Knee or hip pain?
  • Lower back pain?

Do you ever wonder why you get hard skin on certain places on your feet?
Maybe you have a painful bunion joint that could do with more support in footwear?

Whether you’re a high heel addict or loyal to your loafers, a 3D Biomechanical assessment will reveal all.

What is footscan®?

footscan® is a pressure measurement system, in the form of a long mat, that converts the pressure under your feet into electronic data.

footscan®  records 3-400 frames of information per second, bio mechanically analysing your footprint to see exactly where you need some extra support.

What does it do?

gait assessment report

footscan® records changes in pressure under your feet during activities such as walking, running and jumping.  It also measures your balance (using your centre of gravity) during an activity.

footscan® records movement and can be played frame by frame, allowing us to bring into view even the smallest of abnormalities during roll off, and/or asymmetrical movements.

How can it help?

footscan® data allows us to determine if you are at increased risk of activity-related injuries due to the way your foot bears your body weight under various loads.  We can then use this data to develop a solution to the particular issue you are experiencing, by prescribing shoe inserts or orthotics, recommending an appropriate exercise programme, applying manual therapy techniques, or a combination of these methods.

What does it cost, and how long does it take?

Elevate Gait Analysis with footscan® assessment is £85.

The assessment takes 45-60 minutes, depending on the nature of the condition we are assessing, or the requirement of the individual.

The muscular and structural integrity of joints and muscles will be examined from the lower back to the toe and will involve dynamic and functional movements to determine balance and efficiency of the lower limb.

You will receive a report of the footscan® results, and will have the opportunity to discuss what the information means to you, and the reasoning behind the recommendations we make.   If you require an insert or orthotic, we have a variety of choices, from off-the-shelf products, to fully bespoke orthotics using advanced materials.

Find out more about our off-the-shelf orthotics.  Download the Elevate Gait Assessment brochure.

Next Steps

For Gait Analysis appointments please contact the Physio team now:

Tel: 01534 723516

We understand the importance of treating injuries quickly and effectively.