Keiser Pneumatic Training Systems | Elevate Physiotherapy, Jersey
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Keiser Pneumatic Training Systems

Our singular focus on improving human performance and rehabilitation has resulted in our investment in products designed to revolutionise rehabilitation-based therapy. Elevate’s use of Keiser training equipment represents a fundamental change in approach, defying expectations by challenging and exceeding the physiotherapy status quo.

While each therapist at Elevate has a diverse array of patients, the use of Keiser technology assists in all cases, allowing us to help return patients to their regular pace of life faster and more safely than conventional dumbbells and weights. Our machines are engineered to maximise results, retraining patients’ neuromuscular systems so they regain agility, coordination, strength, power and control as efficiently as possible.

Technology that uses its brain

Keiser pneumatic equipment provides our therapists with the ability to train the brain and develop more than muscle. Science has proven that the brain “records” the movements you make and the speed at which you make them (muscle memory). Keiser technology helps retrain our patients’ central nervous systems and neuromuscular systems, allowing for effective and efficient movement patterns that will restore freedom of movement, balance and confidence.

All our equipment operates with pneumatic-resistance technology, offering special advantages for rehabilitation strategies. This touch-point technology allows us to change weight increments in split second controls; for example, we can go from 0.1kg to 20kg in less than 1 second. This allows our patients to focus on the core principles of movement and recovery without having to stop and start constantly to change weight loads.

Key Advantages

  • Zero starting resistance, eliminating overload during the rehab process
  • Zero shock loading to muscles, connective tissues and joints, preventing extra undue stress on already damaged tissues post-surgery or injury
  • Ability to build strength through movement with controlled, consistent air resistance
  • Ability to safely implement speed and power principles that are not limited by iron weights, allowing for effective pre-hab work to start at its earliest phase
  • Unparalleled precision through the onscreen power performance tracker, displaying relevant data to track progression
We understand the importance of treating injuries quickly and effectively.