Our Clinic | Elevate Physiotherapy, Jersey
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Our Clinic

Elevate Physiotherapy Clinic is just one of four exclusive concept clinics in Europe offering the very latest scientifically proven technology, including NASA’s revolutionary AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmills.

Elevate offers the most advanced solutions in the field. An industry-leading multi-disciplinary team provides a new standard of care, placing Jersey on the map as a leader in the rehabilitation and physiotherapeutic field within Europe.

Elevate provides a comprehensive physiotherapy service for 
a wide range of muscle, bone and joint problems. Each member of our team has a specialist interest and passion within their field, ranging from lower limb conditions, affecting the foot, ankle, knee, and hip, to upper limb conditions, affecting the spine, shoulder and neck.

Our exclusive technology enables our team to treat all conditions, from musculoskeletal through to neurological problems. Each session is tailored to the individual and treatment programmes are designed specifically around the presenting injury.

The 1200 sq ft clinic allows your consultation to happen in private, comfortable surroundings not normally associated with clinical environments. This luxurious space is designed to defy expectations, restoring function more efficiently and effectively than ever before within its contemporary setting.

We understand the importance of treating injuries quickly and effectively.