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Rehabilitation Based Therapy

The RBT programme is a cost-effective route to post-physiotherapy rehabilitation. This programme allows our patients who require ongoing strength and conditioning support post their physiotherapy treatment discharge. The focus is on restoring optimal function, which is the most important component in eliminating pain and preventing future injury. An injury will usually occur after the body has undergone an undue trauma, incorrect movement or a repetitive stress. It is important to understand that the entire body needs to move through a full range of motion. This full-body programme is led by our corrective exercise specialists and sports therapists and is the combination of exercise and manual therapy, proven to provide sustainable results.

Our therapists will produce a full bio-functional movement assessment, delivering a transparent clinical diagnosis. Following this an exercise program specific to patient needs and ability can be created. This specialised one-on-one exercise therapy programme, exclusive to Elevate Physiotherapy Clinic, is focused on reestablishing suitable strength in specific muscles and appropriate flexibility in others. Establishing proper joint motion allows us to actually teach people how to move correctly and thereby prevent injury.

It is important that the body is exercised in a functional manner in order to build appropriate muscle as well as joint strength and flexibility. This ensures that the nervous system is working properly and using all parts of the body in the appropriate way, with the correct muscles being employed at the right time.

Each patient’s exercise routine is progressively adjusted to meet their ever-changing needs and condition. Functional rehabilitation is vital to ensure that a patient maintains optimal function, which greatly reduces the reoccurrence of injury. Our therapy approach is active and functional. Research has shown that patients with pain improve faster with increased activity.

Additionally, scientific studies show that exercise is often more effective and lasting when combined with manual therapy. Our focus is to establish exercise specificity, which is dependent on the type of injury and the sport you wish to play.

Programme Highlights

  • Highly qualified and experienced corrective exercise coaches working together to identify predisposing factors which may be causing pain or reduced performance.
  • Structured and strategic therapy plan to treat, educate and increase your functional capacity allowing you to return swiftly and safely to work, sporting and recreational activity.
  • Functional exercises that train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, work or in sports.
  • Periodised training allowing various muscles in the upper and lower body to be used at the same time, emphasizing stability thus reducing the risk of falls or reoccurrence.
  • Combined therapy and training, properly applied, can make everyday activities easier, reduce your risk of injury and improve your quality of life.
  • We can liaise with any medical professional and report back your progress if you are treated by other providers, including physiotherapists that do not have the capacity of executing this type of programme

Key Points

  • Block booking of 10 sessions
  • 45 minutes per session
  • Clinical overview support from our physiotherapy team
  • Self funded
  • Outcome measures recorded every 1st and 10th session
  • Cost effective corrective exercise/therapy prescription by our corrective exercise specialists
  • No GP referral needed

Next Steps

For Rehabilitation Base Training please contact the Physio team now:

Tel: 01534 723516

We understand the importance of treating injuries quickly and effectively.