Our Unique Methodology | Elevate Physiotherapy, Jersey
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Our Unique Methodology

We believe the first step to your recovery is to understand what’s wrong and what can be done to help. Our physiotherapists work hard to help you understand your condition, and any treatments or exercises our team utilises will be clearly explained. We encourage questions and are always happy to explain further. This clarity and education about your presenting injury supports your objective by keeping you motivated and focused at possibly the most frustrating time of your life.

Our unique four-pillar methodology—Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery—is vital to establish a platform for effective and efficient recovery. From your first consultation we will be building your recovery strategy to ensure we produce the best possible results within the timeframes indicated.


Mindset is about walking into a situation or working toward a goal with a full understanding of what it requires and how to accomplish it. For long-term success, it’s important to create a game plan that will help guide you through the process and keep you motivated as you progress towards a big-picture lifestyle change. Developing the proper mindset will prepare you for everything that comes your way!


Eating properly can go a long way towards protecting your health, and understanding the importance of nutrition will help you maintain good eating habits throughout your rehabilitation. The path to success isn’t about deprivation, but instead is focused on being proactive with your health by combining nutrition and exercise for maximum results. Instead of living to eat, we’re eating to live. Food is a way to fuel your body and support whatever your presenting injury requires. All injuries can be targeted for optimal recovery by supplying the body with the right nutritional content, minerals and vitamins needed to enhance recuperation.


While structured exercise is an important part of the concept of movement, it doesn’t explain movement in its entirety. Bringing more movement into your life can be as simple as getting up from your chair at work to walk around or stretch. By realising that there are opportunities throughout your day to be more active, you can view your entire rehab journey as a potential workout. The effects you’ll see from moving more and moving better every day are the reason why we get the results we get.


There are two types of recovery: active and passive. Active recovery refers to low-intensity activity (such as golfing), while passive recovery involves activities such as massage that require little to no effort. Your rehabilitation will encompass both reactive and proactive measures to ensure you never suffer with the same injury twice. The end result: you regain your freedom to come back stronger and stay stronger.

We understand the importance of treating injuries quickly and effectively.